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Why buy a funeral plan

Why should you consider a Guaranteed Funeral Plan?

Planning and paying towards a funeral in advance with a Guaranteed Funeral Plan offers you many different benefits.

Financial peace of mind

  • Fix costs at today’s prices.
  • You will have paid in full for the cremation funeral services covered in the plan, with your family only paying for flowers and other special requests at the time
  • It removes potential worry about how your funeral will be paid for, especially when savings are often needed to fund retirement.
  • The money paid into each Plan is held in a secure trust fund and is invested and managed by some of the most respected financial organisations in the country.
  • Buying a funeral plan may help reduce the amount of inheritance tax that may be payable on your estate
  • As an added reassurance, you have a full 28 days to change your mind. You can then get a refund of all the money you have paid. However, a cancellation fee is charged if you cancel after 28 days.
  • Once it’s paid for, it’s paid for.

Personal peace of mind

  • You will have taken care of the funeral arrangements in advance.
  • No funeral arrangements will be left to strangers.
  • You will have recorded your wishes in the plan.
  • A well-respected and trusted funeral director will perform the service.

Peace of mind for your family

  • Your family or executor only needs to make one call to Dignity to set your plan in motion.
  • Your family will not be left wondering exactly what type of service you would have wanted, as the arrangements are set out in the plan.
  • Dignity pays the funeral director the amount of money due from your plan.
  • A 24-hour telephone bereavement advice and counselling service is provided for family members.
  • The funeral director will provide your family with complete advice and guidance.

A sensible and practical decision

The most prudent way to help cover funeral expenses

A Guaranteed Funeral Plan makes more sense than putting money in a building society or investment plan, because these won’t guarantee to cover the costs – or even to beat inflation. What’s more, once you have a Guaranteed Funeral Plan there is no need to worry about the money not being available, or about the problems of your family having to gain access to the money before the funeral can be paid for. Many people assume that they will leave enough money to pay for their funeral, but this may not be the case, especially as more and more people are using their savings for living expenses or care fees in later life. This is why it makes such good sense to take out a Guaranteed Funeral Plan from Dignity. Also, and very importantly, banks, building societies and investment companies won’t organise your funeral. Dignity does, and our dedicated funeral directors ensure that everything is implemented in accordance with your wishes.